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Nawinda Witeecharoen, Nexcitement's project director had a special interview by the country's top news agencies, "Post Today" and "Manager," on work/life balance and on the 15th anniversary occasion. For the news in detail, click here

Submitted on Tue, 02/04/2019

Nexcitement Event Organizer and DecaView manage a luxurious trip to Phuket for a major energy company from Thailand. The trip features private yacht cruise, extravagant menu, and concludes with a grand concert by all-time celebrity "Jib Vasu"

Submitted on Thu, 29/11/2018

Nexcitement Event Planner and DecaView manage an international corporate meeting for a U.S. digital marketing company, hosting hundreds of guests from all over the world!  The program features C.S.R. activity, team building program, and a halloween-themed party.

Submitted on Wed, 31/10/2018

Nexcitement Event Organizer and DecaView manage a grand party for a major Japanese autopart company, featuring a full concert by top artist, "Gibzy."

Submitted on Thu, 04/10/2018

Nexcitement Event Planner and DecaView manage an exclusive trip for a giant energy company, welcoming over 500 guests from all over the world.  The trip feature local sightseeing programs, private golf tournament, and a grand themed-party.

Submitted on Sat, 14/07/2018

Nexcitement Agency and DecaView Event Organizer manage a grand national award ceremony for top brokers at a five-star hotel, right in the middle of Bangkok metropolitan.

Submitted on Fri, 25/05/2018

Nexcitement Event Agency and DecaView plan, direct and produce a professional advertisement video for a renowned home appliance company from Germany.

Submitted on Thu, 17/05/2018

Nexcitement Event Organizer and DecaView organize an international conference for a world's top ceramics company from China

เน็กซ์ไซท์เมนท์ อีเวนท์ ออแกไนเซอร์ และเดคาวิว จัดงานประชุมระดับนานาชาติให้กับบริษัทเซรามิกส์ยักษ์ใหญ่ของโลกจากประเทศจีน โดยมีผู้ร่วมประชุมมากมายจากนานาประเทศ

Submitted on Mon, 30/04/2018

Nexcitement Event Planner and Decaview manage an extravagant trip to Phuket for a giant energy company, featuring luxurious yacht cruise and beach club party.

เน็กซ์ไซท์เมนท์ อีเว้นท์ ออร์แกไนเซอร์ และเดคาวิว จัดทริปสุดหรู! ลองเรือยอร์ชชมความสวยงามของทะเลภูเก็ต พร้อมเมนูสุดอลังการ ตบท้ายด้วยปาร์ตี้บีชคลับสุดแนว กับดีเจและนักแสดงชาวต่างชาติ

Submitted on Fri, 16/03/2018

Nexcitement Premium Travel Agency and Decaview organize an extravagant trip to an European-style castle with all-pool-villa for participating guests and a warm-hearted CSR activity, ending with a luxurious renaissance-themed party!

Submitted on Sun, 25/02/2018