Easy Buy celebrates its 15th anniversary with a grand event

Easy Buy, the country's top credit provider, celebrates its 15th anniversary by entrusting DecaView Event Management to organize a grand event for its 1,700 participants at the Centara Grand Bangkok Convention Centre @ Central World

The ceremony was flawlessly organized. The swift guest registration process was made possible by DecaView's in-house online registration system developed by our software engineers. Spectacular "carnival-style" on-stage performances follows the official celebration toasts by top executives. The program ends with two concerts by the country's top performing artists, JIDA and Tatto Colour.

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Online registration process    Carnival-style parade    Pre-ceremony activities    Ceremony venue    Spectacular on-stage performances    Full-blown light and sound effects    Famous DJs    Official toast by top executives    World-wide costume set    Concert by JIDA    Fans flocking the stage    Country's top artist, Tattoo colour